About me

As a former hyperactive city dweller, I transformed my lifestyle a few years ago. After a physical and emotional shock, I realized that things had to change. I wanted to change. First of all, for myself, for my health and my well-being, and also to not miss out on the essential, what really matters, my life.

A move to the country, a big introspection work, made me take a step back and understand what I was feeling. This allowed me to work on what is really important to me, the values according to wich I want to live and build my life.

I’ve been running a restaurant for several years. From my job, I still love cooking. I love authentic cuisine, cuisine of the soil, wich respect the ingredients and above all, cuisine from the heart. I like to welcome my customers and do everything possible to ensure they have a pleasant time. I realize, during my introspection, that what I enjoy goes far beyond the restaurant business. I love to entertain. Creating moments of sharing and joy, in a warm and elegant atmosphere. I like to please my guests, to take the time to concoct delicious meals, I like to go to markets to find good ingredients. I love the atmosphere of these markets on village squares, the conviviality, the smell of hot bread from the bakery…

To sum up, I realized that what I like is the French “art de vivre” (art of living). An art of living that mixes sharing and pleasure with the “douceur de vivre” (sweetness of life), all with elegance.

The sweetness of life, taking the time to live, to fully enjoy each moment… I begin to transform my way of life by refocusing on the essential, on the values of sharing, quality, authenticity, wich I feel are the heart of what I want to build. A more peaceful life, more respectful of myself, of others, of the nature that surrounds me…

I then realized that I am not the only one who feels this deep need for change. Is this a consequence of the world in wich we live today? A world that wants to go faster and faster? Further? More and more of us are looking for a return to the essential. The need to slow down, to enjoy the present moment, to take time for ourselves, to share, to consume better, to eat better…what we call a slow life.

This change of life is like a return to the roots for me. Life as it still exists in some corners of the french countryside where we live according to the seasons, where we attach importance to land, where we spend our evenings on the patio with our family and friends with a good glass of wine. This need to take the time to live, to enjoy every moment, to appreciate good products, to share, to find pleasure in every moment of our daily life…all this resonates as a certain “douceur de vivre”. The same “douceur de vivre” for which the french “art de vivre” advocates. An ancestral art of living, perhaps obsolete for some, and yet based on values that are desired and celebrated by many people toaday.

I want to share this “art de vivre” with you today. To share ad to pass on. Yes, because in the meantime, to greet this change of life, I became a mother. The most beautiful adventure of wich I want to enjoy every moment. Since then, this notion of passing on has become important to me. I want to create something that I could pass on to my children, my grandchildren, this art of living and these values in order to make beautiful memories and beautiful traditions within our family.

I hope that through this blog you will find plenty of inspiration to help you reconnect or discover the “douceur de vivre”, to create beautiful moments with your loved ones, all sprinkled with a touch of french elegance!

Giulia and Cindy cooking