Corsican recipes

Corsican cuisine is part of my cultural heritage and I am very proud of it.
My father was born and grew up in Corsica and all my father’s family still lives there. There is a very strong cultural identity in Corsica which has many similarities with the Italian culture. Corsica was for a long time under Genoese domination before becoming French.
Well-known for the beauty of its landscapes, it is also known for its culture with very present traditions. Many tourists rush to this little corner of paradise every year, both to enjoy beaches with crystal clear waters and to immerse themselves in the local folklore.

Each year, like many tourists, I rush there too. I meet my family there and we spend the summer in my family’s house, which is located in a small fishing village still protected from mass tourism.
There, life has another rhythm. The village consists of a few houses. There is only one street, that runs along a small port before sinking into the maquis. There is a hotel and two restaurants. And that’s it.
When I was a child the hotel and restaurants did not yet exist. The street wasn’t even paved, it was a dirt road on which my sisters and I used to run barefoot to get from one end of the village to the other.
Even though the village has grown, it is still a small corner of paradise where time seems to have stopped.
In the morning we hear the horn of the baker arriving with his truck. He stops on the village square where we go to buy him bread. There is also a grocery truck which comes once a week. To buy fresh fish, you can go to the port late morning when the fisherman comes back. To do other shopping, or to buy the newspaper, you must go to the neighboring village which is a little bigger. The best way to get there is by boat. It is the perfect opportunity to go diving in one of the beautiful creeks that we find along the way. Paradise…

After shopping, we cook. The Corsican cuisine is a rustic cuisine which is based on excellent artisanal products. My grandparents cooked divinely well. Every year, when we arrived, they prepared all the Corsican specialties. This cuisine is the heritage that my grandparents passed on to me and I am honored to share it with you.