French recipes

Traditional French gastronomy is the basis of my culinary culture. It is the cuisine of my mother and grandmother. It is a delicate and refined cuisine but also warm and gourmet.

French cuisine values ancient expertise, often passed down in families from generation to generation. It is also a cuisine that relies on the quality of the products used. Above all, the main goal is to create wonderful moments of sharing and enjoyment.
Sharing a meal with your family and friends is a ritual in France. We can spend hours at the table, enjoying a good meal and good wine while discussing and enjoying each other’s company. French cuisine is prepared in old pots and smells good all over the house. It’s a cuisine of pleasure. The pleasure to treat those we love.

When I studied cooking, I had the chance to join the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon. There, I learned the traditional French Cuisine, the one taught by Paul Bocuse and which developed the reputation of French gastronomy all around the world. This old traditional cuisine is that of our grandmothers and family meals. It’s this cuisine I love, that of memories and traditions.