Slowliving in the French countryside

I am very happy with the decision we made a few years ago to leave the city centre and move to the countryside. As a result of this move, our lifestyle has changed.  Forest roads and fields have replaced the pedestrian streets. We don’t have the same activities anymore and although I enjoy going back to the city from time to time, nothing makes me happier than when I leave my house and am only a few steps from the forest.
When we are on vacation with my family in the Corsica, the life we lead there is the closest to what slow living is for me.
The place reflects what slow living is. The village is composed of a single street and a few houses.
Nature is omnipresent. The maquis, the sea, the sand, the rocks, the wind… We move around on foot, we eat mainly local products, we live according to the seasons. Life seems to take a different course. The most important thing and that everyone seems to agree to do, is to appreciate the present moment. To enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscapes and the presence of your family.
There is no extra, nothing unnecessary. Here we reconnect with the simple things in life, authentic and pure things, and we fully appreciate the details and small pleasures of everyday life.
So, certainly, the place reflects slow living, as well as the fact that we are usually there on vacation.  
One day, I realized that I didn’t need to wait to be there, to live like that, to feel that. Of course, life there will always have a different taste, however, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, refocusing on the essentials, appreciating our daily lives and the present moment, I can do that from anywhere. It doesn’t matter where I am or what time of year it is, it just depends on me. It’s a state of mind.
This realization didn’t just happen.  It happened in my life, when I most needed it. When I needed to slow down, to reconnect with myself and with what is essential.
I realized that this way of life is nothing new. Indeed, appreciating the pleasures of life, enjoying the present moment, taking time to live, sharing these moments with our loved ones (often over good meal) are notions that are very French! This is part of our culture, our art of living. My pace of life had simply made me forget that. I just have to refocus on my passion for French culture.
So, I’m going back in time to share my quest for the “French slow life” with you.