Cooking is an act of love. The love of sharing, of good things, of products, of a know-how, of a land and especially, the love of those for whom we cook.¬†Preparing a good meal is a way to convey our love. As long as I can remember I’ve always loved cooking, I remember myself as a little girl, with my mother in the kitchen. She has passed on to me the passion for cooking. When I was older, my sisters and I spent hours cooking in the kitchen – so many memories. We were so used to cooking together that for us, it was the most natural thing in the world. We shared out the tasks instinctively, while chatting about everything.

Cooking is omnipresent in many of my childhood memories such as meals with family and friends. Entertaining has always been a tradition in our home. It was often crowded in our house. I realize today that if people loved to come to our house, it was largely due to my mother’s talents as a hostess. She prepared delicious meals, set beautiful tables, welcomed her guests, created a warm atmosphere, without anyone realizing how much work it was.
No doubt because beyond the work it represented, it was above all a real pleasure for her to host and please her loved ones. To create, around her table, beautiful moments of sharing, love, friendship and joy. After growing up in this atmosphere, it was natural for me to open a restaurant.

Beyond the pleasure, cooking is also the importance of eating well, eating correctly, knowing how to choose good products. But also, to consume in season fruits and vegetable, to not waste, to know how to cook,… . These notions are important for us, for our health and for the planet. Today, each of us can become aware of this and improve the way we eat, consume and live.
Through this blog I would like to share my recipes of happiness with you, so that you too can experience beautiful moments of sharing, love, friendship and joy, as well as my way to a better way of life.