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The benefits of parsley


I planted aromatic herbs in front of my front door. They are pretty, they sell good, and most importantly, I use them when I cook. I’m like a child when I see that the plants I’ve planted and patiently watered have begun to grow and produce beautiful leaves. In the past, I never really had a green thumb, so when I see these beautiful plants growing, it makes me so happy! I now know the secret of being a good gardener: patience and a lot of love! So, thank you lovely plants, for growing well and flavoring my dishes and the entrance of my home!

I planted the plants that I use the most when I cook: oregano, thyme, rosemary, parsley, chives, mint and basil. Many of them lasted all summer long. With the arrival of winter, most of them stopped growing. However, there is a plant wich impresses me by its resistance: parsley. Parsely resists to all weathers. It has endured winter and snow and yet it is still green and robust.


Parsely is an ingredient that is as good for flavor as it is for our health. In fact, we use it in cooking since the Middle ages, but the benefits of parsley have always been known. Long used as medicine, it is still listed in the french pharmacopoeia!

There are two kinds of parsley: curly parsely and flat-leaf parsley. In cooking, we use more often flat-leaf parsley because it is more resistant. Curly parsley is used as a decoration or with cold dishes.

Parsley is rich in antioxidiants, vitamins and minerals. It is an anti-fatigue and anti-anemic food. Sprinkling a pinch of it every day on our dishes will provide many benefits. (however overconsumption can have undesirable effects).

The antioxidants it contains help fight against oxidative stress. It is also known for its diuretic and digestive properties, as well as for its anti-inflammatory and anti-ecchymosis properties. Indeed, in the case of insect bites, you can rub fresh parsely leaves directly on it. We can relieved redness, irritation, bumps and muscular pains by using a parsley poultice.

It has also been used for a long time to have good breath!

The best part is you can enjoy the benefits of parsley all year round!

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