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How sophrology changed my life

Three years ago, I experienced a shock, both emotional and physical, that devastated me.
At the time, my restaurant was taking up all of my time, I lived only for and through it. Looking back, I realize how tired I was and that it also drained all of my energy.

After the shock I experienced, it took me many months before I felt better. And a lot of help. The first person who helped me was an osteopath that I met during this period. Nothing happens by chance. He introduced me to alternative medicine. I always knew there were others ways of treating illness, other medicines than modern medicine. In the French countryside there have always been bonesetters and healers. I knew this existed, but I had never used it before. I have since understood there are several types of medicine, each with its own approach and which all complement each other.

The alternative medicines have a more preventive vision of health than modern medicine. Indeed, we go to the doctor once we are sick to be treated. The alternative medicines have the opposite reasoning: Let’s do everything to avoid get sick. Which means a healthy lifestyle and a body/mind balance. My osteopath advised me to practice sophrology. At that time, I had never heard this word before. I just knew that I needed to get better and I accepted without really thinking about it. I made this decision without asking myself if it was for me, if I would have the time, if, if, if…, I just decided to do it because I felt in my heart that it was what I needed to do. I’ve since realized that those types of decisions are the best decisions.


Sophrology was invented by Dr. Caycedo in 1960. He was working as a young doctor in a hospital in Madrid, Spain. He was confronted every day with violent therapeutic procedures such as electroshock therapy. So, he began to think about other options. He then became interested in alternative medicine and spent two years in Asia. When he came back in Europe, he created sophrology.

Sophrology is based on the very strong link between our body and our mind. The goal is to” reinforce our attitudes and positive values in our daily lives and to develop our capacities to manage negative emotions.”
We all know today the damage of stress and negative emotions on our health. When we are stressed, we notice that our body becomes tense. Although we are aware of it, it is difficult to say to our “mind “: “don’t be stressed, don’t feel this…” Actually, it’s impossible. Sophrology proposes to go the other way around: relax our body to relax our mind.

Sophrology uses relaxation techniques, such as relaxation breathing. I liked this method right away. I practiced a lot. Almost every day. After a few weeks I could see the positive effects on my mood. I had never felt so peaceful in my life.
The world outside had not changed, the difficulties were still there. I had changed.

It allowed me to find the positive side of what I had experienced, to take a step back. It also allowed me to rebuild myself on better bases. Sophrology has helped me a lot and I continue to practice it.

This method has developed a lot in France these last years. Sophrology classes are available to students in some universities, in companies and is practiced by many athletes. I’m sure that it will continue to grow and attract many people.

If you want to try, I will soon put an introductory session online.

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